Maroon 5 - Maps (Boehm Remix) [Free Download]

Tropical House
We recently featured 
Boehm's tropical remix of 2pac's "Dear Mama", which has been exploding in popularity in the chill house community. To follow up, here's his stunning tropical remix of Maroon 5's "Maps". The production's vibes are strong, with a Kygo-like lead and powerful percussion, the instrumental does perfectly to complement the legendary pop group's vocals. If you're looking to keep summer going as long as possible, this is a go to track. Fantastic for chilling or parties alike, the young Romanian's remixes are gaining popularity rapidly. You can find a free download through the Soundcloud "Buy" button.

Felix Jaehn feat. Chris Meid - One Last Time Remix [Free Download]

Chill/Tropical House
Felix Jaehn's latest remix is sublime. A vocal based atmosphere and a incredibly catchy top line compliment the young German's always stellar production skills. The track's soothing vocals are almost medicating, and in combination with the wandering guitar make for a stunning remix. We've been keeping an eye on this young producer for months, and he keeps impressing with every new release. You can find a free download available under the Soundcloud "Buy" button. 

Tommy Pax - Always [Free Download]

Genre: Chill/Other
This track is not for everyone: it's definitely one that you either love or hate, and we absolutely love it. American amateur Tommy Pax single handedly produced one of the chillest tracks we have heard in week
s with "Always". The Florida based producer submitted this track earlier today, and it left a lasting impression on first listen. While basic in structure and sound, the track has an amazingly unique feel and pulls the listener in with its tripped out vocal samples and hard bass line. Due to its simplicity and depth of sound, this track should definitely be listened to on good speakers or headphones. Massive work by this young artist; we genuinely hope to hear more like this from him in the future. You'll find a free download of the track under the Soundcloud "Buy" button.

2Pac - Changes (Vijay & Sofia Zlatko Remix) [Free Download]

Tropical/Deep House
Vijay & Sofia Zlatko give 2pac's classic "Changes" deep tropical remix. The track has plenty of faults for sure, but as a whole it's really solid. Bringing a deep, groovy vibes to the original's vocals as well as lighthearted tropical sounds give this one a lot of potential. The track's primary fault comes from its lack of high quality vocal samples as well as some poor mastering, especially toward the end of the track. The breakdown itself, however, is pure genius, and this one is heading straight to our tropical and feel good playlists. Overall, great work by these two Belgian producers.

Sailors - Like No Other [Free Download]

Tropical House
Mexican duo 
Sailors dropped their second original track just a few days ago. "Like No Other" features the brothers' classic haunting tropical house sound that their listeners have grown to know and love. In addition, super spaced out vocals compliment the instrumental's good vibes. These two producers have blown up over the past several months, going from just a couple hundred Soundcloud followers when we first encountered them to now several thousand. Their trajectory to fame is sure to increase dramatically, however, if they continue to release these top notch remixes and originals. It's always a good day when these two release new material.

Drake - Hold On, We're Going Home (Nick Mulvey & Koloman Vuchs Remix)

Chill House
Nick Mulvey did a stunning vocal cover of Drake's "Hold On, We're Going Home", and Austrian Koloman Vuchs came along and gave it magical chill house remix. The track has a "Waves"-esque feel, which is great considering the combination of those vibes with a modern hip hop song is definitely unique. The two musicians may have struck a new chord with the rapidly growing chill and tropical house audience. Vocal covers are becoming more successful, as has been seen with Calvin Harris' "Summer" and other popular tracks. In addition, the artists riding the feel good house wave are becoming increasingly innovative with their tracks. This one is sure to be well received.

Odesza - Say My Name ft. Zyra (The Geek X Vrv Remix)

Chill Trap
ODESZA made waves in the electronic community with the release of "Say My Name" on their latest album "In Return". The track has been hit with a wave of remixes over the past several weeks, and one of our favorites so far is this spacey trap remix by The Geek x Vrv. It does well to hold onto the awesome chopped vocals and beauty of the original while transforming it into a trap masterpiece. In particular, the remix does away with the pop elements of the original and emphasizes the electronic aspects of the track. Overall a really powerful piece of work by these two young producers. 

Mozambo & Pakem & Kungs Ft. Julia Church - Soulmate [Free Download]

Chill House
Mozambo and company's latest original is a sensual and energetic track that combines the sounds of nu disco, tropical house, deep house, and plenty of others. As the French producers state on their social media accounts, "There is no genre, only music". Their chill atmosphere and deeply emotional vocals are sure to connect well to the listener, while the catchy top leads will keep you coming back time after time. Here's to a free download, which you can find by clicking on the Soundcloud "Buy" button, and a brilliant summertime track. 

2Pac - Dear Mama (Boehm Remix)

Tropical House
We're refusing to let summer come to an end: Romanian chill house artist 
Boehm has put a killer spin on 2pac's classic "Dear Mama", and it's heading to the top of our playlists for this weekend. The heartfelt vocals we all know and love get a tropical touch up, with absolutely rhythm packed sounds and top quality production skill resulting in a fantastic party and chilling track. The style sounds like a magnificent combination of Kygo and Viceroy, two artists with distinct feel good sounds. A lot of good things could still come from this young producer as he hones his mixed style. 

Henri Pfr & Koloman Vuchs - Tribute to The Police (Voices) [Free Download]

Tropical House
Small time Belgian producer 
Henri Pfr absolutely aced this tropical house tribute to The Police's "Voices". The classic vocals are given a huge new instrumental that brings the good vibes with purely free flowing sounds. The young producer is only eighteen, but has managed to release brilliant remixes of near Kygo quality over the past few months. There are a host of potential break out acts around the world developing tropical house, and this young Northern European is definitely one of them. Hopefully his sound will continue to develop and impress in the future. A free download is available through the Soundcloud "Buy" button.