Stitches - Mail (Angelz Edit) [Free Download]

Genre: Trap/Deep House
Angelz has produced an incredibly unique track with this remix of Stitches' "Mail". Melding the genres of hard rap, trap, and deep house, the track's originality unreal. For parties, raves, and other occasions requiring a massive injection of energy. The fairly anonymous producer may have invented a new genre solely through this one track, and even if you're not a fan of rage music, its definitely worth checking out even if its just out of curiosity. A free download is available through the Soundcloud "buy" button.

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Ariana Grande - Cadillac Song (Sailors Remix) [Free Download]

ariana grande sailors remix

Genre: Tropical House
Sailors debuted their remix of Ariana Grande's "Cadillac Song" yesterday. The Mexican duo has been making huge strides forward in the tropical house community over the past couple of months. Remixes of Lana Del ReySAM SMITHJourney, and many others are all among their recent productions. The brothers' consistent production of beautiful and uplifting tropical instrumentals sets them apart from many of the other artists trying to make a name in tropical house right now, even leading to the recent signing of one of their original tracks. Huge props to these two for continuing their run, and we hope to see many more in the future. A free download is available through the Soundcloud "buy" button.

Magic! - Rude (Zedd Remix)

zedd rude magic remix

Genre: Electro/Progressive
Out on September 2nd, 
Zedd's forthcoming remix of "Rude" does not disappoint. Despite his recent partial hearing loss and the questionable track he released with Ariana Grande not to long ago, the German star's latest track holds the sounds we've all grown to love and associate with his work, as well as MAGIC!'s catchy vocals. This one is already blowing up, with over a million plays in less than four days. 

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Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence (Hotel Garuda Remix)

lana del rey three finger beats

Genre: Nu Disco/Deep House
Hotel Garuda made massive moves with this recent remix of Lana Del Rey's "Ultraviolence". The spacey nu disco sounds work brilliantly with Lana's intoxicatingly serene, yet powerful, vocals. The U.S. based duo has a history with the world renown singer, posting a hit remix of "Summertime Sadness" that has garnered almost a million plays on Soundcloud. Beautiful work from these two upcoming producers. 

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Bonus track: Disciples deep house remix of "Ultraviolence".

John Mayer - Who Says (Samuraii & Bergs Remix)

john mayer three finger beats

Genre: Tropical House
Samuraii & Bergs collaborated to produce this masterpiece remix of John Mayer's "Who Says". The track is oozing with good vibes and summertime sounds. The two Scandinavian producers are both incredibly talented tropical house artists, and we've featured individual tracks from each of them over the past several months. We hope to see more from these two, both collectively and individually, over the coming weeks as tropical house continues to explode in popularity. A free download of the track is available through Soundcloud. 

Birdy - Skinny Love (Fareoh Remix)

fareoh three finger beats

Genre: Chill/Other
New York based producer 
Fareoh put up this official remix of "Skinny Love" as a quick follow up to his hit "Levity" remix. The young, but established, artist melded a variety of genres to create a beautiful, spaced out atmosphere that has elements of trap, electro, and progressive house. Deep breaks and effectively layered drops make the track work brilliantly. While the intro is reminiscent of early 2000s pop music, as a whole this remix is nearly impeccable. Out now through Atlantic Records.

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Alesso - Heroes

alesso three finger beats

Genre: Progressive House
Alesso has done it again with "Heroes", his latest single with no official release date announced yet. He has tended back toward melodic progressive house with this one, another stark contrast from his last original, "Tear The Roof Up", which created an impressive party atmosphere. From his beginnings, the Italian-Swede has pioneered the modern melodic house scene, and has continued here with "Heroes". The track starts out with soft strumming and a slow vocally driven build, climaxing in a powerful and dynamic house drop. We are eagerly awaiting the full release of this track. 

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Jay Z - Tom Ford (Patrick Reza & Kname Remix) [Free Download]

three finger beats jay z.jpg

Genre: Trap
If you're one of the millions of students heading back to college over the next few days, make sure this one's on your welcome back party playlist. 
PatrickReza and Kname have teamed up for this massive trap edit of JAY Z's "Tom Ford". The result is a supercharged, reckless party track that has a spaced out, rage-filled drop and Shawn Carter's unmistakable rapping. Perfect for those parties where everyone is looking to get out of hand and burn off some steam. Free download through the Soundcloud player "Buy" button as well. 

Free download through the Soundcloud player "Buy" button.

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Troye Sivan - Happy Little Pill (Casper Zazz Remix) [Free Download]

Three Finger Beats Troye Sivan Happy Little Pill

Genre: Chill Trap
Australian trio 
Casper Zazz has demonstrated a mastery of chill trap with their latest remix of "Happy Little Pill" by Troye Sivan. The track's relaxed vocals and dynamic lead synth set the atmosphere as both feel good and spacey. Tripped out samples and supporting leads pull the track further from reality, but there's still an almost beach-like feel to it, with the underlying percussion feeling distinctly tropical. Chill trap takes a special combination of laid back and emotional, and Casper Zazz nailed it on this one. Free download available directly on the Soundcloud player below.

Vicetone - Heat


Genre: Electro/Progressive
Dutch duo Vicetone's latest single, "Heat", is out in full today, August 18th. With an astronomical rise to fame just a couple of years ago, we haven't seen a whole lot of new, original, material from them lately. "Heat", however, is sure to revitalize your interest in this staple of modern electronic music. Classic Vicetone synths are handed a (finally) inspirational and catchy melody that puts the track as one of the best that they've released. Available now through Revealed Recordings