James Hersey - What I've Done (JackLNDN Remix)

Deep/Chill House
Top deep house producer JackLNDN produces yet another amazing remix, this time of James Hershey's "What I've Done".

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Galantis - Runaway (U & I) [Yacht Club Remix]

The Yacht Club remix of Galantis' "Runaway" was one of two remixes of the legendary original chosen by the duo as a winner of their remix competition. Truly unique trap approach on the track on this one, and its paid off well for the little known Yacht Club. Highlight in the comments: "Drop made me wish my dad was there for me growing up".

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Jay-Z - Moment Of Clarity (Mark Vegan Remix)

Chill House/Rap
Unknown producer Mark Vegan aced this remix of Jay-Z's "Moment of Clarity." An unreal beat paired with the classic vocals make for a stellar new track.

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Thijs Bos - Embla

Future House
Dutchman Thijs Bos dropped this unreal Flume-like track through Eton Messy Records. Beautiful and chilling vibes from this one.

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David Guetta ft. Sam Martin - Dangerous (Robin Schulz Remix)

Chill House
Legendary David Guetta's hit track "Dangerous" gets a Robin Schulz remake. Best known for his remix of Mr. Probz' "Waves", the young German has produced several beautiful and melodic tracks since. His most recent, featured here, proves that he is by no means a one hit wonder. The track features a powerful orchestral line derived from the original, as well as Robin Schulz' signature simple yet rhythmic beats propping up an overall very solid take on the Frenchman's original. Unfortunately there is no free download available, but you can find the track for purchase here.

Tula - Wicked Game (Alex Brandt Remix)

Germany's Alex Brandt has produced a perfectly emotional and chilled out remix of Tula's "Wicked Game". The track features soft yet powerful vocals and a heavily side chained bass that set a spacey atmosphere of vulnerability. Alex Brandt has been a consistent player in the chill house world for months. We first learned of him through his "Saxual Edit" of Milky Chance's "Stolen Dance". He's been holding our attention ever since.

James Bay - Let It Go (Bearson Remix) [Free Download]

Tropical House
Bearson has quickly established himself as a force in the tropical house world. The Norwegian producer is only nineteen, but has an impressive twelve thousand followers on Soundcloud. We've been following him for months, since he first started developing his sound, and he has come a long way. Now battling for a position among the tropical house greats such as Kygo, Matoma, and Thomas Jack, we look forward to every Bearson release, and his latest production, a remix of "Here With Me", does not disappoint. The Kygo-esque vibes and Bearson's popularity prove that it is possible to gain popularity by being a very, very good copycat. With his production capabilities, hopefully he will begin to develop a sound of his own in the near future, but for now we are completely satisfied with his heavily inspired work. A free download is available under the Soundcloud "Buy" button.

Wafia - Let Me Love You (Le P Remix) [Free Download]

Tropical House
Norwegian producer Le P has released a brilliant remix of Wafia's hit song "Let Me Love You". While incredibly similar to several of Kygo's remixes, such as "Cut Your Teeth" and "Caravan", the track is produced at such a level that sets Le P apart from the thousands of Kygo emulators that have sprung up in recent months. This track will be at the forefront our playlists over the next few weeks as we do our best to keep the spirit of summer alive. You can find a free download of the track under the Soundcloud "Buy" button.

Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud (Sailors Remix) [Free Download]

Tropical House
Mexican duo Sailors impresses once again with this tropical remix of Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud". The track features their signature high pitched, heavy swing lead and classic well planned and powerful percussion. With the British singer's fitting care free vocals, the track is stunning in its relaxation abilities. Absolutely class work by the two brothers, who have seen a stunning improvement in both their production abilities and popularity over the past several months. They have consistently been producing top level work, and are developing a sound that is truly unique to themselves. As usual with these two, a free download is available through the Soundcloud "Buy" button. 

Eminem - Business (Matoma Remix) [Free Download]

Tropical House/Other
One of our favorite producers at the moment, Norway's Matoma, has dropped an absolutely legendary remix of Eminem's "Business". The track utilizes all Matoma's classic sounds, but changes up the atmosphere. No longer only about completely chilled out tracks, this remix would fit well in a gym or party playlists as well. We're all about artists mixing it up and exploring different genres and sounds. This track is a manifestation of Matoma's true mastery of his craft. This is a part of Matoma's "one track a week" initiative, which he has been holding up for several weeks now with a variety of great new releases. You can find a free download under the Soundcloud "Buy" button.

Embody - Bad News [Free Download]

Deep House
British deep house up and comer Embody has created a brilliant deep house masterpiece in "Bad News", a tight, deep, and sensual track shared with us several weeks ago. The track is versatile in its sound, easily playable in late night chill sessions, on the beach, or in clubs alike. The vocal alterations are on point, bringing a simple line, "bad news", to an aurally diverse melody. Embody's spacious and well refined sound is consistent among many of his tracks, giving him the level of development and uniqueness needed to make it big. Be sure to check out his other tracks, such as "Make A Stand", as they bring the same level of quality as "Bad News". A free download is available through the Soundcloud "Buy" button.

David Guetta & Showtek - Bad (The Rooftop Boys Remix) [Free Download]

Deep/Chill House
Brand new remix crew The Rooftop Boys have stepped in and had a swing at David Guetta & Showtek's massive hit "Bad". The tropical, bass driven production completely flips the original, with almost nothing but the vocals remaining. Prior to this remix, we barely would have believed anyone who told us there was a chill version of "Bad", but these fairly anonymous producers have managed to pull it off brilliantly. In addition, they threw us a free download through the Soundcloud "Buy" button. This track is definitely worth the download given its versatile nature: break it out at a party or on the beach and the effect is likely to be equally as positive.